It was the class teacher period when Jessika Madam announced, “Pranaya has won an award for modeling with Amazon”, and saying so she asked all the children of class Nursery -A to applaud her for her win. Even though Soham clapped for Pranaya with full enthusiasm like his other classmates, his facial expressions didn’t reflect happiness. It was a mixed expression of aloofness and anger … Continue reading FRIENDSHIP


माँ सिर्फ़ एक प्यारा सा शब्द नही,‘ माँ ‘ एक ज़िम्मेदारी है,तुम्हें अनुशासन शिष्टाचार सिखाती,रखती जीवनभर की यारी है,चोट लगे तो माँ कराहोदुख-दर्द में उसे पास तुम पाओ,ख़ुशी के आसीस देनेवाली है,हर गलती तुम्हारी सुधारकर,फिर चाहे डाँटकर, फटकारकर,कान खींच या पुचकारकरजिस भी तरह मुमकिन होतुम्हारे जीवन कोसही आकार देनेवाली है,जीवन भर परछाई बनपरवरिश करे, सँभाले ,अपनी छाप जो मरणोपरांत भीसंस्कारों के रूप मेंतुम पर हमेशा … Continue reading माँ

The little girl inside me

There was a weird energy in the house today. A sad gloomy one. As a part of the daily routine from the past two years, my daughter in law Sneha measured my BP but panicked as the reading repeatedly reflected as ‘error’. Something like this had never happened before. Dreading for the worst she called the doctor who confirmed that my time here is up, … Continue reading The little girl inside me