Life – A reflection of your choices

No ! life isn’t a puppetry show as projected by a handful few, nor is it a scripted drama where some director will give you a cue. Rather it’s seems like a virtual game where you survive by the skills you gain, no there are no free lunches in the world, for your victory you face the pain. To win over the challenges and hurdles, … Continue reading Life – A reflection of your choices


Nothing is impossible to an awakened mind which is free from the clutches of self doubt, fear, worry and self pity. Udaan – A Flight To Freedom मन में मेरे कई सवाल ख़ुद ही बूझे, करे प्रतिवाद, ढूँढे हल ढूँढे निशान, ख़्वाहिशें अनगिनत पाना है जहान । जो कुछ पाने को तरसूँ मैं, जो मिल जाए मेघा सी बरसूँ मैं, तलब है खुलके जीने की, … Continue reading उड़ान