Love, Life, Marriage

“I don’t think it will be easy for you beta(my child), think twice before stepping into this”, Supriya’s mother’s words were echoing in her mind over and over again. Especially after her daughter Ruhi was born things had changed a lot for her in the Malhotra house. What affected her the most was the indifference in the attitude of Ajit. Ajit and Supriya had known … Continue reading Love, Life, Marriage

After all ‘ACTIONS’ do speak louder than words..!

My three year toddler Soham was trying to scold my elder eleven year old Mannan with a finger pointing out and a flair of fumbling half understandable combination of words seeing which, even though we couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing at first, we had to instantly when we saw that what we were considering as a harmless funny gesture was in fact offensive for Mannan. … Continue reading After all ‘ACTIONS’ do speak louder than words..!

“Reflection Of My Mother – माँ की झलक”

12th June, 2020 Children usually have a frank and close bonding with their mother as compared to their father. Father plays the role of a protective figure, of a hero whom they look up to but mother is more than a friend, a companion, their confidante to share secrets with. After marriage, especially for daughters, their mother becomes more special as it’s only after marriage … Continue reading “Reflection Of My Mother – माँ की झलक”