Of absolute faith, strong belief and life…!

Today while I was preparing fulkas ( roti/Indian bread), my three year old toddler Soham came jumping and dancing to the kitchen saying ,”Mumma susu!!” ( Mumma I want to go to the washroom). Answering nature’s call amidst his high priority I-pad video watching, game playing, music listening activities is somewhere of the least importance until it’s almost uncontrollable and hence all the dancing around 🤷🏻‍♀️ 😄

I asked him to wait for a second, turning my gas burner to sim I asked him to quickly run with me to the washroom to do his thing. I told him, “Jaldi jaldi chalo Soham nahi toh roti jal jayegi”( be quick to finish your round to the washroom or else the roti(Indian bread) will burn and get spoilt)

He innocently looked at me and said, “Mumma roti ko toh nahi jalna chahiye. Aap usko bolo roti tu ruk, jal mat main abhi aake tujhe bachati hu!” ( mumma, roti should not get burnt. You please ask the roti to wait for you and not to get burnt as you will be back soon to save it) 😂

Later during the day, recollecting this incident I thought to myself, “thats the beauty of childhood!”, the ignorance, the innocence, the strong and complete belief that everything can be taken care of, the faith that life situations can be as simple as asking the roti to not get burnt by itself and wanting the roti to understand that it’s maker will not let any harm come it’s way, will not let it get burnt come what may!

I smiled to myself thinking what that kind of unhindered and unquestionable faith in the process of nature and in one’s creator can help one achieve!


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