Darling fold your bedsheet please !!

With homeschooling being the best possible option during the present Pandemic time, I thought I must introduce my three year old Soham to take an interest in books. One of the books I ordered through Amazon was ‘Bruno put your toys away’. Bruno, the character of the book irresponsibly leaves his toys on the floor after playing and his grandfather falls stepping on one of … Continue reading Darling fold your bedsheet please !!

अनकही बातें….!

नहीं कहा जो मैंने, तुमने वो सुना क्या कभी ? मेरे अनकहे जज़्बातों से क्या हुए तुम वाक़िफ़ कभी ? वहीं जज़्बात और बातें जो मेरे दिल में दबी, जो शब्दों में मैंने न कभी ज़ाहिर कीं । वो शाम ढलते ही मेरी आँखों में तुम्हारे आने का इंतज़ार, महसूस हुआ क्या तुम्हें, जो ना किया अल्फ़ाज़ से बयान? वो सब्ज़ी के छौंक में मसालों … Continue reading अनकही बातें….!

Your Life Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Now a days there are various groups on the social media where one can share their business options, their achievements, their personal problems, insecurities, concerns with parenting etc and the other members in the group are free to give their advice, inputs and suggestions. Reading through one such posts I came across a women’s personal concern in which she shared her details and asked for … Continue reading Your Life Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

“ONLINE CLASSES” – An effective solution or a deceptive eyewash ?

“Online classes”, how important are they really in serving the purpose of education or are they just a gimmick, a way for the school to keep demanding fees? I am sure while bearing the brunt of lockdown and facing all the challenges that this phase of Pandemic brings along, the undertaking of the complete responsibilities of household chores with no help, no parlor, no kitty … Continue reading “ONLINE CLASSES” – An effective solution or a deceptive eyewash ?


Nothing is impossible to an awakened mind which is free from the clutches of self doubt, fear, worry and self pity. Udaan – A Flight To Freedom मन में मेरे कई सवाल ख़ुद ही बूझे, करे प्रतिवाद, ढूँढे हल ढूँढे निशान, ख़्वाहिशें अनगिनत पाना है जहान । जो कुछ पाने को तरसूँ मैं, जो मिल जाए मेघा सी बरसूँ मैं, तलब है खुलके जीने की, … Continue reading उड़ान