Heroes At The Border

4th June, 2020 There is a popular hindi song- “Aye mère watan ke logo”, sung by our beloved Lata Mangeshkar which is so full of patriotic feel and emotions that it never fails to bring tears to the eyes of every Indian who listens to it. It’s sung in the honour of our brave soldiers, their sacrifice, the respectable & prestigious “Defence Services“, pride of … Continue reading Heroes At The Border

Is Covid-19 the “only” real threat to the life of the “Middle Class”?

8th June, 2020 Every morning one glance at the newspaper is enough to bring a list of current affairs and social issues to the forefront of one’s mind. Visit your twitter account and you will see that a lot is being said about the present social,financial and political issues going on in our country affected by the pandemic phase. The daily change in dynamics pertaining … Continue reading Is Covid-19 the “only” real threat to the life of the “Middle Class”?

What’s your form of meditation ?

2nd June, 2020 “Writing” in my opinion is like meditation. In that instance when a writer is creating something of eternal existence, even though his mind is bustling with energy and ideas, his soul is calm, free, happy and relaxed for the simple reason that its basking in the light of freedom, “the freedom of expression” that it longs for. He pours out his heart … Continue reading What’s your form of meditation ?

The inhuman humans…

5th June, 2020 There is a famous rhyme “हाथी राजा बहुत भले” (hathi raja bohot bhale) which I am sure most of us have learnt in our childhood and still can hear our toddlers recite merrily today. What happened in Kerala recently, was absolutely shameful, inhuman and disgusting act of cruelty against an animal. Just when we all are really suffering with the pandemic phase … Continue reading The inhuman humans…

Is the new normal really “NORMAL”?

31st May, 2020 Now a days the social media is flooded with videos, images, posts, tweets showing how eagerly and enthusiastically the entire nation has embraced the so called, newly emerged, co- creation of the ongoing pandemic phase, the “new normal”..! So let’s see what all can we enlist under it, virtual v/s real, lockdown v/s freedom of movement, breathing normal v/s wearing a mask, … Continue reading Is the new normal really “NORMAL”?