Vo Daur Bhi Zaroori Tha, Yeh Daur Bhi Zaroori Hai..!

Time, it is the greatest teacher, the biggest healer, the truth reveler, the strongest of all..! It’s the most valuable part of one’s life and yet many a times it’s the most taken for granted part too.. We always think we have ample of it but don’t really know truly how much it is..! There are various phases of life that we all go through … Continue reading Vo Daur Bhi Zaroori Tha, Yeh Daur Bhi Zaroori Hai..!

It Takes Two To Tango..!

Being a mother of two sons now, I sometimes wonder how am I more blessed, superior or deserving in comparison to any other mother of a girl child?? It’s the same gestation phase of 9 months, same procedure for birth either normal or c-section, same amount of efforts and sacrifices are involved in raising a child of any gender and yet it is not uncommon … Continue reading It Takes Two To Tango..!

Acceptance- The First Step To Recover

15th June, 2020 Depression, a “hush-hush” word which even though any of us or our family member might be going through, no one really would want to admit or share, out of the sheer fear of being socially judged and looked differently at. There are people and families who quietly endure the suffering only to avoid the social stigma and maintain a “normal, acceptable image’ … Continue reading Acceptance- The First Step To Recover

“Reflection Of My Mother – माँ की झलक”

12th June, 2020 Children usually have a frank and close bonding with their mother as compared to their father. Father plays the role of a protective figure, of a hero whom they look up to but mother is more than a friend, a companion, their confidante to share secrets with. After marriage, especially for daughters, their mother becomes more special as it’s only after marriage … Continue reading “Reflection Of My Mother – माँ की झलक”

To hold on “OR” to let go…??

19th June, 2020 “Free advice” is one thing which you will get even before you seek, its available in abundance because giving it is the easiest thing to do. Even we do it so many times, don’t we? Unintentionally, involuntarily, unknowingly it just slips out ! I think it’s an inborn instinct in humans to pounce on a problem, take charge of the situation and … Continue reading To hold on “OR” to let go…??